BKP Video | Visual Effects

Visual Effects 

Our first-class visual effects studio specialises in developing stunning visual effect sequences for television commercials, corporate videos and online branded content. We offer you a variety of CGI services creating incredibly realistic content using the world leading software Nuke, by foundry.

Set Extension: Perfect for when shooting in a studio or limited set, extension allows for the manipulation of backgrounds, taking your talents to places even the largest of created sets couldn’t equal. The process involves Green screen keying, rotoscoping, tracking and CGI compositing.

Modeling: Whether it’s a small candle prop or a skyscraper, environmental modeling allows us to create realistic and fantastic surroundings from plans or designs.

Particle simulations:  Particle simulation allows for the creation of both photorealistic and fantasy effects, from weather simulation to air-crackling mystical wisps, stars, snow and more.

Volume simulations (Fire and smoke simulation): You will not always be able to shoot something literally set on fire. Volume simulations allow you to add smoke, fire or fog effects to your scene whether its wisps of smoke coming out of a chimney to an erupting volcano.

Crowd Simulation: Making digital spaces appear busy and populated has traditionally been a challenge but our tools and knowledge allow us to populate areas of any size with hustle and bustle.

Digital environments: You can’t always get the perfect weather or environmental conditions on your shoot so we use advanced Digital environment techniques for sky replacement, Day For Night and environment camera mapping.