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Film production is an artistic form of communication that speaks to the heart and offers a mesmerizing experience. It’s what brings life to the stories we tell, taking the audience to different environments and connecting with them at a deeper level. At BKP group, we empower your ideas with our expertise.

We ensure that the films and videos we create for you bring your vision to life. We are a world-class production company based in Dubai and have over two decades of experience. We are passionate about our services and ensure that each video and film productions have a captivating narrative. We can help produce commercials, corporate videos, films, animations, and anything in between.


Best Video Production Company in Dubai

Film or video production is a lengthy process that requires attention to minute details. This ensures that the content being produced captures the audience’s attention and leads to an experience that they’ll never forget. We’re a group of creative and experienced professionals, and within our team, we have both passionate storytellers and skilled filmmakers.

We’ve been creating captivating based on impressionable narratives for clients in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, since 2000. Our journey began with a mission to bring creativity and imagination to life. We’ve worked with both local and international clients and have created films, documentaries, TV commercials, social media content, and more.

As a leading film production company in Dubai, we’ve divided our process and services into different stages. Through this process, we ensure that the videos, commercials, and films we produce for you are the true embodiment of your vision, narrative, and messaging. Don’t take our word for it. Keep scrolling, look at our portfolio, and see for yourself.



Our Film Production Process

Our film production process involves multiple steps, each of which is necessary for quality results in the different stages of production. We don’t just pick up the camera and start filming.

We take the time to truly understand the meaning and impression you want to have and ensure that our end product meets your expectations. Our content creation process is divided into multiple stages that include:


Being an experienced video production company, we believe in the importance of ideation and planning. The development stage of our production services is centered around generating ideas and creating drafts that turn those ideas into mesmerizing stories.
We believe in providing an unparalleled extent of professionalism throughout our production service and ensure that all logistical and financial aspects of your project are addressed prior to production.


Video production companies that dive right into filming always encounter significant hurdles like inadequate locations, costumes, equipment, and more. Our crew of experienced professionals, during the pre-production stage, places great emphasis on each of these things.
We finalize the script, find locations and costumes, and ensure that effective filming equipment is used throughout the process. Before creating content for your business, we develop a schedule and find actors who’re a true embodiment of characters that make the narrative worthwhile.


The production stage is where we get to showcase our expertise. As an experienced video production company, we understand that a lot of mishaps can happen during this stage, and they can make things go from bad to worse rapidly.
To avoid such things from taking place, we ensure a production supervisor is always on set. This ensures that the commercial videos, motion pictures, films, or anything else we create are on script, budget, and of the best quality, not just in the Middle East but all over the world.


The decades of experience we have has led us to develop post-production services that are second to none. As an expert film production company, we ensure that you leverage our post-production service regardless of whether your project is in the can or you want to work on a fresh new piece. We use cutting-edge technology and well-versed techniques to create stunning visuals and immersive experiences that not only meet reality but exceed it by miles.


Our Video Production Services

At BKP, we firmly believe impressionable television commercials, documentaries, films, or any other type of video content can only be created with a great concept. This is what allows us to ensure that any films or videos we deliver have a compelling narrative that’s portrayed in an engaging way.
Our creative team and producers work closely with you to understand your campaign or content objective and ensure that what’s being delivered to you meets and exceeds your expectations. We work tirelessly to add an immense amount of detail to the content we produce and ensure that it’s tailored to your needs.
After gaining substantial knowledge of what you want for your audience, we initiate the development stage of the process. We ensure that the entire project is within your timeline and budget and the end quality is unparalleled. Our film production services include:

  1. Long-form content – such productions typically include films and documentaries. At BKP, we ensure that the long-form content we create has an intriguing storyline and characters. This helps us capture and retain your audience’s attention and get your message across.
  2. TV commercials – advertisements today have changed significantly from what they used to be. Our creative set seals on having a captivating hook from your TV commercials, and we always end the content with a call-to-action that turns viewers into loyal customers.
  3. Corporate videos – we understand that businesses now need to leverage corporate videos to promote their brands. Our experienced professionals place great emphasis on comprehending what your brand is all about and creating content that truly reflects your business’s ideology and values.
  4. Social media content –  with most of the world online, leveraging social media to raise awareness, build an audience, and get customers is now essential. At BKP, we can create captivating video content for social media platforms, helping you reach more people in less time.

We also provide post-production service to ensure that any content you have, or we create for you receives that final magic touch it needs to break through the noise. Our cutting-edge technology and creative editors guarantee that your content won’t follow the trend. It will be the one setting the trends.



Why Choose BKP Film Production?

Film production, due to advancements in technology and visual medium, is now drastically different from what it used to be. There was a time when black and white videos coupled with orchestral music were used to cut through the noise. However, audience preferences have changed since then and now favor cutting-edge visuals coupled with modern music genres like electronic dance music (EDM).
We’ve been a leading video production company in Dubai since 2000, but we initiated our mission to use visuals for conveying messages in the 1980s. Since then, we’ve leveraged different mediums, visual techniques, and music genres to create captivating video content.
Today, we’re able to incorporate the expertise we’ve acquired throughout the years to create films, TV commercials, brand videos, social media content, and more that not meet but exceed client expectations. At BKP group, we ensure that:

  1. Our exceptional film and video production services are tailored to your needs and objectives. We’re a firm believer in the power of collaboration and the results it generates. From ideation to post-production, we keep in the loop throughout the process.
  2. Our creative and experienced professionals work closely with you to understand the concept and message you want to portray. Our team is the perfect blend of experienced professionals and young talented minds allowing us to accommodate a wide array of audience preferences.
  3. Our videos, films, commercials, and brand videos are all equipped with a compelling narrative, relatable characters, stunning visuals, and music that evokes the right emotions. Such expertise allows us to create examples that help you achieve your objectives.

Raising The Standards Of Excellence

We’re a world-class video production company in Dubai, and we continue to raise the standards of excellence with every single project we work on. Our portfolio does the talking for us. We’ve worked on TV commercials, long and short-form videos, brand videos, and more. The diverse projects we’ve worked on serve as a testament to our expertise and what we can help you achieve. Some of our most prestigious projects include:

  • Burger King Hot Chilli Burger
  • Centerpoint Member Initiative
  • Dubai Health Experience
  • Emirates Airlines ICE Entertainment
  • Samsung Hala B Hali



Contact Us For The Best Video Production in Dubai

At BKP, we see film production as an artistic form of communication that reaches the hearts of target audiences, evokes the right emotions, and gets them to take action. Over the years, we’ve worked on countless film and video production projects. We’ve created films, commercials, documentaries, social media content, and more.
Whether you’re in the business world, entertainment sector, or any other industry, we have both the creativity and expertise needed to bring your vision to life. So, if you’re ready to excel to unprecedented heights of excellence, get in touch with us today and learn more about how we can produce the best visual content for you in Dubai.



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