BKP Audio | Recording studios

BKP recording studios in Dubai include only the latest in audio recording equipment. Our state of the art technology will allow you to utilize our recording studios to create advertisements, demos, and so much more. Each audio recording studio offers a laid back atmosphere and professional working environment so that you can relax and fully enjoy the recording experience.

Recording Studios with Latest Technology

BKP currently has 6 recording studios in dubai all running the latest version of Pro Tools. All the studios are equipped with ISDN, Source Connect and IPDTL.

Microphones include Neumann U87′s and TLM 103′s, AKG C414′s as well as a variety of other condenser, tube and dynamic microphones.

We have Manley tube and Rupert Neve mic preamps, 1 x Eventide DSP7500 and 3 x Eventide 7600′s.

Monitoring is Genelec and Dynaudio and Studio 4 has 5.1 surround (Dynaudio)

All studios share our huge SFX server and can transfer projects seamlessly between one another.

All studios support OMF import and export and we can deliver final audio files in any format, sample rate and bit depth including WAV, MP3, AIFFs on CD or via upload to our secure server.

Six artists around a mic for animation? ADR to match into interior & exterior? All our booths are fully insulated and are happily disconnected from Dubai’s noise.