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IVR Solutions

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems take audio telecommunication services to the next level by acting as the first point of contact of incoming calls and we provide all the necessary ivr solutions.

An IVR system can be used by companies with a high call volume to greet callers, identify account information, provide automated responses to frequently asked questions and direct callers to an appropriate individual in an efficient manner. BKP Media Group’s tailor-made IVR solutions offer an easy-to-use interface that is scripted according to the specific needs of your clients. Simply let us know what telecommunication issue you would like solved, and we can create an IVR system that fixes the situation. The sky is the limit when it comes to our IVR solutions.

On Hold Messaging

On hold messaging is a type of IVR system that provides companies with a platform to advertise and communicate key company messages to callers who are waiting on hold, this is not only an effective way to keep callers on the line, it also acts as a cost-effective Marketing tool. BKP Media Group can create tailor made IVR solutions from script to final production, either on a commission or ongoing contact basis.

We are the part of the region’s number one most-trusted and well-respected radio and media production company, BKP Media Group. Which means you’re already at an advantage when you decide to use our solutions.We have been in the Middle East for decades, and therefore know what works and what doesn’t when it come to clear and sales-driven marketing techniques.
Behind us, the biggest library of voice-over talents, music, sound effects and media production services and as well as our very own in-house technical expertise which is bar none in terms of professionalism and skill. In short, you’ll never have to go elsewhere.

Our client roster includes some of the world’s biggest and most demanding brands, including Emirates and Procter & Gamble as well as agencies like Leo Burnett and OMD. But we also have a depth of experience in serving smaller businesses with faster turn around times and cost effective deals.We have won awards in sound and music. All the more reason why you should seriously consider us as your preferred partner when it comes to sound advertising and marketing.

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