BKP Audio | Radio production

BKP Group is an internationally acclaimed radio production company specializing in unique radio ads that get noticed.

Radio is an important tactical advertising medium, and creating good radio ads that stand out (therefore work) is all about production, voice casting and direction.

BKP Media Group’s team of multilingual sound engineers and producers are firmly committed to creating great radio ads and making every script “come alive”. We have many years of experience providing radio production services and creating radio ads that generate leads and sales for clients of all kind. Allow our professional sound engineers to take your radio ads from an idea to a polished production.

BKP Media Group has a constant, ongoing commitment to add to its stable library of over 500 voice artist in all languages, to constantly provide our range of clients with extensive voice casting choices. We have plenty of options to meet your unique requirements, making us one of the most effective radio production companies around.

Comprehensive music libraries and sound effects, along with radio ad script writing and translation, complete the necessary production tools at our disposal.

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