Abu Dhabi 360 (AD360)

Work included

  • Client Name: Abu Dhabi 360 (AD360)
  • Service Type: Sonic Branding / Creation of a Brand Theme
  • Delivery: 6 weeks

Client Brief:

AD360 is a behavioural change initiative aiming to improve the health and well-being of the Abu Dhabi community through the transformative power of sports. The initiative is particularly focused on enhancing the Arabic experience and supporting those most in need. As a holistic community fitness and well-being experience, AD360 combines physical fitness activities, a healthy eating and nutrition program, a lifestyle brand, and mental fitness activities. Their brand personality is inspirational, optimistic, innovative, transformative, and joyful.

What we delivered:

In line with the client’s vision and mission, we developed a unique sonic brand that integrated elements of health, inclusivity, positivity, and the transformative power of sports. The sonic brand featured a heartbeat to symbolize health and the pulse of the society. The instrumentation blended traditional western and electronic elements with a touch of oud, reflecting the cultural inclusivity AD360 promotes.

The sonic brand includes a quick run of notes leading up to the main theme, symbolizing the rewarding feeling of success after effort. Harmonically anchored in the key of A minor, the melody cleverly uses the tonality to convey a sense of positivity and uplifting movement as it climbs up and reaches up one octave, resonating with the brand’s optimistic and transformative personality.

The sonic branding was delivered not only as a main theme, but also in four distinct arrangements to represent the different facets of AD360 – running, aerobics, meditation, as well as an arrangement suitable for informational videos. This multi-arrangement delivery ensures that AD360 has a suitable sonic accompaniment for a diverse range of activities and content, enhancing the brand’s versatility and reach. In addition, guidance was provided on how to effectively use the different arrangements across various platforms and activities to maintain brand consistency and maximize impact.


“AD360’s collaboration with [Your Name or Your Company’s Name] has been truly transformative. They took the time to deeply understand our mission and vision, and skill-fully translated it into a sonic branding strategy that resonates with our community. The heartbeat element, combined with the diverse instrumentation, perfectly symbolises our dedication to health, inclusivity, and the transformative power of sports. The brand theme is not only impactful and memorable, but it also evokes the feelings of positivity and uplifting movement we strive to inspire in our audience. The multiple arrangements allow us to use the sonic brand in a versatile way, further enhancing our reach and impact. We couldn’t have asked for a better sonic branding partner.”


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