September 14, 2023

What are the Benefits of Sonic Marketing?

Sonic marketing is the strategic use of sound elements to create a memorable brand identity.
In the same way that brands express themselves with logos, adverts, mascots, and color palettes, they also use sonic branding to establish brand identity.

Brand Building with Sonic Branding

Sonic branding is a powerful tool that can be used in smart speakers in malls, on TV and radio ads, in apps, and on social media.
Sonic branding is a multi-sensory approach that is compelling in the world of marketing. It not only captures the customers’ attention but also creates emotional connections with customers. The empathetic and harmonious powers of sonic branding make it a valuable tool in modern brand strategy.

Gain Insights into BKP’s Strong Sonic Brand

This article will discuss the sonic branding definition and delve into the advantages of audio branding to highlight why companies should invest in BKP’s sonic branding services to reach their target audience.

BKP is a trailblazing sonic branding agency with expertise in crafting powerful audio identities for various brands.

With years of experience and the best audio engineers and artists, BKP is a top sonic branding agency employed by Sony, Chevrolet, McDonald’s, Nestle, and more of the biggest corporations worldwide. 

BKP's Strong Sonic Brand

What is Sonic Marketing?

Think of when you opened Skype for the first time, and the bubbling tune greeted you. Or the ta-dum at the beginning of every Netflix show. Or the distinct sound of the Apple ringtone.

The use of sound in this way to establish a sonic identity is called sonic branding or sonic marketing.

Using the power of sound, sonic branding allows companies, organizations, and products to stand out in the market and connect with consumers. 

Sonic Branding

Sonic branding examples include everything from jingles, ditties, theme tunes, and audio logos that use the power of sound to establish brand identity.

Sonic branding isn’t background noise; it’s about deliberately crafting an instantly recognizable soundscape.

A deliberate sonic logo and careful sonic branding are harmonious with the brand’s personality, values, and mission. Sonic branding refers to creating an identity synonymous with the brand itself, inspiring brand recall, recognition, and loyalty in the target audience. 

The Benefits of Sonic Marketing

From making a solid impression and establishing an emotional connection to crossing language barriers and enhancing brand loyalty, there are a myriad of benefits of creating a sonic brand.

Let’s take a look at how BKP’s expertise in the field of sonic branding can elevate your brand’s impact. Here are some of the most significant advantages of sonic branding: 


  1. Cutting Through the Noise – Get Noticed

    The modern and fast-paced digital landscape is loud, messy, and chaotic. Consumers are overwhelmed by information overload constantly bombarded with sights, scents, and sounds.

    It is more challenging than ever before to stand out from the competition. Brands must start being more creative – that’s where sonic branding comes in.

    Sonic Identity

    We’re so used to being advertised to through visual means that a distinct sonic logo is sure to cut through the clutter. The most successful companies today have the most memorable sonic logos. More and more of them are investing in a sonic identity.

    Think about the familiar chime of Intel’s sonic logo or the McDonald’s jingle. These sonic identities, as cultivated through solid sonic branding, break through the noise and make a strong impression and emotional connection.

    Use More Than Visual Branding to Evoke Emotions

    BKP has extensive expertise in using the power of sound to make attention-grabbing sonic elements. This enables brands to stand out in crowded marketplaces. Distinctive and memorable audio signatures help brands leave a mark in consumers’ minds, ensuring they don’t get lost in the sea of content.

  2. Establishing Emotional Connections – Resonate with Customers

    Sound has many powerful emotional aspects. According to sound engineer and researcher Seth Horowitz, hearing is “the universal sense” — our sense of sound profoundly impacts our thoughts and emotions. It can trigger memories and evoke powerful feelings.

    Certain tunes, melodies, or even a few notes instantly transport us back in time. Additionally, sonic branding can stir up all kinds of feelings. 

    Sonic marketing taps into this emotional response. Thus, sound branding allows brands to connect with their audience on a deeper level.

    Brand Identity

    It could be the soothing melody of a luxury brand’s sonic logo or the energetic rhythm of a sports brand. The right sonic elements can create a strong emotional connection with the target audience.

    BKP’s sonic branding examples demonstrate an approach to sonic marketing involves meticulous research into the target audience’s preferences, cultural nuances, and emotional triggers.

    By understanding the psychology of sound, BKP creates sonic identities that not only align with the brand’s values but also resonate with the audience’s emotions, leading to a more profound and lasting connection.

  3. Building a Memorable Identity – Be Remembered

    Brand recognition is a critical factor in consumer decision-making. 71% of your target audience is more likely to choose brands they can easily recognise. This is where audio branding for sonic marketing plays a crucial role.

    Visual logos and colour schemes are essential components of brand identity. Similarly, sonic logos and jingles contribute to instant brand recognition by creating a sonic identity. 

    Different sounds can be associated with different feelings, so sonic logos should be composed to instill the emotions you want a consumer to feel when using your product. Your sonic logo will determine your sonic identity.

    Audio Branding

    If your product is energetic, like an energy drink or sports car, you should use up-tempo beats that bring that to mind. A more mellow and calming product like tea or a mattress should apply soft, gentle melodies. 

    Consider the Intel jingle again: It’s a short sequence of notes immediately bringing the brand to mind. BKP excels in creating sonic logos that encapsulate a brand’s essence. They do this in a concise audio snippet.

    Through careful composition of music and sound effects, BKP ensures that sonic identities become embedded in consumers’ minds. Therefore, they make the brand unforgettable.

  4. Enhance Engagement and Experience – Strengthen Brand Loyalty

    Sonic marketing provides a less traditional, more engaging, interactive image for the target audience. As an unconventional and universally applicable tool, sonic branding enhances engagement across different touchpoints.

    Sonic branding strategy isn’t limited to one particular marketing medium and can be utilized in physical spaces, digital environments, and the products themselves. 

    A brand can have a sonic logo that plays in television, radio, or social media adverts. Associated and carefully composed background music in that brand’s store would enhance customer experience and increase product engagement. A unique sound identity strengthens brand recall and, in turn, brand loyalty.

    Sonic Branding Examples

    Taking Apple as an example again, customers don’t just buy the product. They buy the brand’s image and the unique experience — the Apple woosh email/text sound effects, the luxurious Apple Store experience, and the instantly recognisable iOS ringtone — along with it. 

    BKP is an expert in creating cohesive and consistent sonic identities. For instance, as one of the best sound design companies in the Middle East, BKP has worked on sonic branding for the Commercial Bank of Qatar.

    The music developed for this project created a unique and memorable brand identity by combining traditional and modern sound effects.

    A good sonic brand seamlessly integrates across platforms, reinforcing the brand’s image, interacting with the customers, and strengthening brand loyalty. 

  5. Having a Cultural and Global Impact – Cross Borders

    Text and speech-based media is limited to one language. Sonic branding is multilingual and effective across cultures. Everyone from San Francisco to Saudi Arabia remembers and recognises the classic Windows XP startup sound — it isn’t limited to one language.

    Therefore, sonic branding transcends language and cultural barriers. A unique sound identity resonates across diverse demographics. 

    The cultural and global impact of sonic branding has exciting implications. Investing in a sonic brand shows an effort to preserve musical heritage while looking to the future with innovation and creativity.

    Pop Culture

    Sonic branding is a fascinating intersection between the arts, history, technology, and culture. Your sonic identity crosses the language barrier in a crowded marketplace.

    BKP’s sonic branding for the Commercial Bank drew on Qatari culture and tradition but was composed to combine old and new, and therefore resonated with both the older audience that deeply appreciates their roots, and the younger, tech-savvy consumers.

    The absence of lyrics and reliance on melody in a good sonic logo or sound identity, evoking feeling through sound alone, resonates across diverse demographics. 


We now live in a world where brands can struggle to vie for the audience’s attention, given how consumers are inundated with sensory input from all corners. The visual world is overwhelming, and a strong sonic brand is more important than ever before.

Sonic branding and sonic marketing stand out as a branding strategy that uses melodies, tunes, and audio composition to make an impression and tell the brand story. A good sonic logo and a distinctive sound identity is a marketing tactic with numerous advantages.

Using Sound For Brand Messaging

Sonic branding generates a distinct sonic identity for a product or company, whether through a sonic logo, a jingle, or background music. This is more effective than relying on a visual logo alone.

An effective sonic identity, such as the ones crafted by BKP, cuts through the rest of the noise of the commercial world and establishes an emotional connection with the customer upon first contact.

A distinct audio identity enhances brand recognition, so the customer is likelier to remember the brand, and the type of music composition conveys the brand message.

Customer Loyalty

Thus, sonic branding creating increases the chances of purchase and brand loyalty. Furthermore, sonic branding crosses language barriers and has a substantial cultural impact, as globally charting music does. 

With attention-grabbing elements, emotional resonance, memorable identities, enhanced experiences, and cross-cultural impact, sonic marketing transforms how brands communicate with customers.

BKP’s innovative approach with comprehensive sound architecture to the field of sonic branding has established them as leaders in the market.

Make a Deeper Connection and Strong Association with the Right Sounds

Most brands are continuing to adapt and evolve to the growing commercial landscape and have found the harmonious union of sound and branding to be a testament to the enduring power of sonic marketing for conveying a brand’s messaging. 

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