Vox Arabia – The leading company providing Arabic Voice Overs

VOX Arabia is a unique web resource dedicated to sourcing and promoting voice talent from the Middle East to both the regional and international markets. Whilst the focus is on primarily on Arabic, the site will eventually offer talent from other relevant language groups. It has been launched in association with BKP, the largest music and audio post production company in the Middle East. It is a platform both to showcase existing talent for casting as well as to attract and encourage opportunities for new talent. Initially, the site will feature Voice – Over artists but will evolve to include Arabic presenters, DJs, singers and musicians.

BKP has access to a vast portfolio of voice artists in most of the world’s languages. BKP records international voices through ISDN or Source Connect technology in addition to local voice artists on a daily basis. Additionally BKP has invested significantly in developing the first serious website dedicated to showcasing the best and variety of Arabic voice talent with its new entity– Vox Arabia.com. Vox is a tool to help search and cast experienced Arabic voices in different dialects and styles in addition to being a platform to attract and develop new aspiring voice talents.

BKP also maintains the only ISDN link to record real time, broadcast quality voices from Beirut.