The Power of Human Voice | Radio Commercial Production In Dubai

By September 9, 2018 September 11th, 2018 important news, The Industry

The Power of Human Voice

Part 2

Sarah Sido


Having the chance to record your voice for the first time in a recording studio in dubai is a whole new experience, specially here at BKP Group. Whether it is for radio commercials, tv commercial or even your first own song.

It feels good to hear your voice on radio commercial production in Dubai, while driving, or cooking. It feels even better to have your friends and relatives telling you they have recognized your voice on the radio.

Most of the voiceover artists in Dubai and in the World know how difficult it is to start a career in the industry, the competition is high and there is always big names in the market.

First things first, you record some voiceover demos and send them over hoping to convince an agent or a client to use your voice.

But hold on.. You need someone to tell you that your voice is good for the job, don’t you?

Sarah Sido, a young beautiful lady that wanted to be an actress, she took a few photographs and headshots and started mailing them to camera agents, by mistake, she emailed her packets to a voiceover agent.

BKP Group Dubai

“He must have been having an incredibly slow day because he called me to tell me about my mistake.” Sarah said.

After speaking with her for few minutes on the phone, he complimented her voice and advised her to look into doing voiceover work.

She did that, prepared a demo reel and sent it over to voiceover agents.

Now, we hear Sarah’s voice in McDonald’s commercials, movie promos, and even in video games!
She’s done pedestrian voices in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and a soldier’s voice in Metal Gear Solid 4.

And she got her chance in acting as well, by playing roles in different movies and TV series like Happy Baby, After Adderal and Masters of Sex series.

It is great again, how our voice, the human voice, the thing that we all have, can sometimes help us evolve and take bigger roles in our lives.