The Power of Human Voice | Radio Commercial Production In Dubai

Part 1
Redd Pepper

At BKP Group, we understand the most important thing about Radio Commercial Production In Dubai is to have great voiceover talent.

Communicating with others requires exchanging expressions, feelings and emotions, and the way it is done has the bigger impact. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it that matters more.

Right there we are talking about the human voice, the most used yet most personal tool in almost every industry. Nothing would engage, enrapture or enrage us quite like it, whether you are a Salesman, Lawyer or a Train Driver.

There is no harm in being a train driver really, It is just like hundreds of other jobs in this world, that need huge load of efforts to pay you back and make you famous, unlike Redd, Redd Pepper, the train driver whose voice accidentally took him far from that.

Richardson Green (a.k.a. Redd Pepper) spent 13 years of his life driving trains on the London Underground.

And this is how his voice changed his life:

“The way I got into being a voiceover artist was kind of strange. I used to drive trains on the London Underground,” he said.

“One morning I was making my announcements, a television executive was a passenger on my train. He got off at the next stop, ran up to my cab, we exchanged details, and the rest is history.”

Radio Commercial Production In Dubai

Pepper has done many voiceover work for movie trailers and cinema classics, such as The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Men in Black 2, Armageddon, The Blair Witch Project, Space Jam and many more. We are still waiting to work with him recording a  Radio Commercial Production In Dubai at BKP Group!

Such a powerful voice can be used in content that we watch and listen to, almost every single day, just like Voiceover for Radio Commercial Production In Dubai or TV Commercials, Audio Books and Voiceover for game characters and animation.

It is magical how the power of human voice can change our lives.

Pepper may be spending lots of time in recording studios but he is happy about it and proud of it.

“I’m having fun. It really is a cool job. It’s gotta be up there with one of the coolest jobs on the planet.”