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BKP Group

Barry Kirsch


Barry Kirsch has been involved for many years in the world of content creation, initially in London and later in Dubai.

Originally a music composer and music publisher, he became involved in the world of advertising in the late 80s in London and has acquired a wealth of expertise in the fields of communication, not only in music but in all aspects of branding, marketing and communication.

He is now Chairman of the BKP Group which is the largest production, post production and content creation company in Dubai.

BKP has been tailored by Barry, along with partners Polly Gotseva and Matt Faddy to create solutions for clients seeking an alternative to the traditional agency model and who are looking for innovative ways to bring their message using the tools of the current digital landscape.

BKP Group

Polly Gotseva

Managing Director

Polly Gotseva is the Managing Director of BKP group, a position she has held for 16 years.

Prior to her joining BKP as a partner, she was a producer in Bulgaria for the national radio station where she first cut her spurs in the world of production and communication.

She is a highly regarded executive, a specialist producer by training, highly experienced financial and people manager, who runs a company with several divisions, all of which report to her.

BKP Group

Matthew Faddy

Partner / Composer / Studio Manager

Matthew Faddy is a veteran of the recording industry with over 30 years of experience in the music industry.

Originally trained as a music engineer before becoming an established composer in London, writing music for TV including Rick Stein, Carluccio, Keith Floyd as well as TV commercials and films. During this time he worked with some of London’s top production companies, agencies, Film Director’s and creatives and with some of the music industry’s best including Sting, Annie Lennox, Sinead O’Conner, Supergrass, Iron Maiden, Bobby Womak and many others.

In 2002 he moved to the UAE to help form BKP Music , the leading music production company in the Middle East. Since moving to the UAE he has collaborated with many local Arabic artists and has composed music for countless live events including the 2011/12 Burj Khalifa New Years Eve Fireworks, the record breaking News Years Fireworks on the Palm / World 2014 as well as many of the Dubai National Day events . Earlier in 2015 he was commissioned to arrange the first ever “official“ version of the UAE National Anthem recorded with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2016 he was also commissioned to produce all the music and soundtracks for the up and coming Pavilions at the Shindagha museum in Dubai which is still ongoing. He is also the composer behind many well known musical themes around Dubai having composed music for all the household names, including Etisalat, Du, Dubai TV and Emirates. He also co-wrote the score for the movie ‘City Of Life’ in 2010.

BKP Group

Joanne Flores

Deputy Production Manager

Joanne started working with BKP since 2004 and made a significant contribution in BKP’s success as a production manager.

Her length of service made her become more and more efficient in providing clientele’s needs and truly understands what should be achieved in each project she handles within the time limit and budget.

BKP Group

Alice Manalili

Audio Producer

Alice joined BKP in 2007 as an Audio Producer in Dubai and quickly became an indispensable member of the team.

From initial client enquiry to final delivery, Alice makes sure that the process is executed flawlessly and everyone involved from the clients to engineers at BKP are comfortable and organized.
Alice’s greatest strengths lie in her ability to effortlessly multitask creative voiceover casting to taking and relaying music composition briefs to quoting the biggest and most complex jobs.

BKP Group

Farah El Sayegh

Head of Film Production

Farah El Sayegh is a passionate, award-wining Producer from Lebanon with over 10-years experience in Film, TV production, and Events. Farah’s strength lies in the details and her ability to gracefully multi-task and nurture production teams to achieve uncompromised results. Her films not only meet deadlines and budgets but also capture the hearts and minds of a very wide audience.

Farah El Sayegh has been engaged and working in the film industry as a Producer. Farah is known for her uncompromising devotion to quality and is firmly committed to the development and progression of a loyal film culture.

BKP Group

Rawhi Lotfi

Head of Post Production

Rawhi is a senior video editor/ director, creative & technical professional.
he has a comprehensive background in editorial and creative direction for digital video production and post-production.

Professional experience ranging from video production, commercial and branded videos, promotions, narrative, documentary, broadcast, experimental, web series, and videography.

BKP Group

Martin Velkov


Martin is a Dubai based Director/DOP

Martin has been doing video directing and shooting video commercials, documentaries and short films for the past 6 years here in Dubai and also abroad.

He has experience working with clients and agencies developing ideas, writing treatments and taking the project from start to finish.

Martin was born in Bulgaria and when he was 14 years old he went to study in London, England.

When he finished his education there, he went to Dubai where he saw there was opportunity for him to develop his filmmaking skills.

He is now concentrating on finding new styles to shoot and tell a story, experimenting with different types of lenses, cameras and formats and growing his skills further.

Rashed Daouk

Production Coordinator

Rashed is a Lebanese Production Coordinator who is passionate about his role and is always ready to put all his effort and skills to get the best results. Since a very young age, the camera never left his hand and this hobby became a profession and led him to achieve his goals in Film and TV Production.
BKP Group

Sebastian Vronski

Sound Designer

Sebastian has been a sound engineer/sound designer for over 25 years.

He has worked on high profile projects in London, Los Angeles and New York.
Based in Dubai for the last 12 years he is also a BBC trained sound location recordist.

BKP Group

Basel Kisswani

Audio Engineer

Basel is an Audio engineer with over 10 years experience in Audio production

Basel started his working career at age of 19 when he decided to move KSA in 2009 as a sound engineer for 4 years working on TVC, Radio commercial , sound design , ADR , Music composing.

In 2013 Basel Moved to Dubai and joined BKP Group as senior sound engineer working with the biggest clients in the middle east and around the world.

Basel also writes Arabic songs lyrics and plays many arabic percussion instruments , Singing is one of his best skills too.
basel is currently working currently on his personal songs .

BKP Group

Bashar Najjar

Audio Engineer

Itty Philip

Head of Finance

Leizl Costas


Usman Khan