BKP Newsletter | May 2020

By May 31, 2020 June 1st, 2020 Newsletter

A word from our Chairman

Barry Kirsch | bkp.group

To all our friends and colleagues 

I don’t need to preface these words with all the obvious comments on lockdowns, staying safe and staying positive. We have all had our fill of that over the recent months and weeks, and many of us are still in unchanged situations,  perhaps even for some time to come.

I cannot think of  anyone who hasn’t been affected in tumultuous ways by the pandemic and most people I know are scared and confused about the future.

As someone who has lived through many turbulent times from the Cold War to Covid 19 and all the in between disasters, I can only say with some degree of experience that this WILL pass and we may emerge changed but perhaps a little wiser and more compassionate. 

In our field of production, both music and film, we have of course been severely challenged by the global pandemic. With a market that was already under some degree of threat from global slowdown, most people in our industry were looking to Expo 2020 as a shining light of opportunity to make up for lost ground.

Sadly, we have had to also put that on hold for a year for now.

But I truly believe, and have enough experience of global issues and destructive events that I have witnessed in my life , to know that we will pull through, albeit to a somewhat different world. Let us see this as a chance to rethink some stale ideas and preconceptions to drive us to find answers to questions that have remained stubbornly unanswered.

Perhaps that will be the best outcome that history will one day record.

Meanwhile we, at BKP, have pledged  to remain strong, committed to our staff, to our friends and to our clients ; and to do whatever we can to emerge stronger for when some normal kind of life returns. In the meantime we are still very much there, working and delivering, to the best of our ability,  to try to maintain a sense of continuity and stability.

We wish everyone strength and courage, we thank all the people who have worked so hard to protect us and we particularly thank the Government of the UAE for keeping us in safe hands.

Keep smiling and see you soon

Barry Kirsch
Chairman BKP

Our Latest News


We recently opened our audio recording studios in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with full video post production facilities soon to follow. We are offering voiceover recording, Radio production, Podcast recording and production, IVR (on hold messages) and Music and Sound design as well as video production and post production.   
Our studios are located in the center of Riyadh in the Al Nada district! 

We are also launching a website for new Saudi voiceover talent which will be ready very soon! With this campaign we will create the first Saudi voiceover data base. We will also be auditioning in universities in Riyadh and Jeddah for both male and female voices. if you think you have the skills you can upload your voice demo to our website and we will contact you in order to produce a professional showreel in our studios!

Bashar Najjar is your to go sound engineer in place and he will be assisting you with your requests.

Contact us on info@bkp.group or +966 11 293 2077


The Latest Video Production by Our Team


Farah, Head of video production : ” Our video production department have recently produced an emotive video for our clients in Saudi Arabia. The purpose of the video is to remind us all that we are in this together and that we will all get through it and as a result, become a stronger community.”

A New Music Project with Matt Faddy


The most recent project from our composer Matt Faddy was to produce music for a TV Commercial for Expo 2020.
The film, produced by Boom Town and directed by Ali Mostapha is about Ramadan and what a different experience it has been for everyone not able to be with their families. However video calls make it possible for us to still feel the spirit of togetherness! With the hashtags #expo2020 and #weareone, everyone is invited to share their Iftar moments online! 

The Challenges of a Producer Working From Home


Joanne Flores, one of our producers has been working from home since the quarantine started. The security and safety of our staff was our main priority and after a few meetings, we decided to ask everyone to work from home and only come to the studios for recordings when needed. 
We were curious to know how Joanne was coping with it and what are her main challenges. 
” Working from home has been a very interesting experience” she says, “when I wake up to my alarm I start immediately thinking on all that I have planned for the day, the clients I need to call back and the quotes I need to send out. I jump into the shower and take out my outfit and high heels, but then I remember I don’t need to get on my office attire and put on my pumps because I can work in my Pijamas and house shoes”! 
“Getting the family breakfast sorted and I am ready to sit at my desk with my cup of coffee” 
A producer’s day is non stop replying to emails, answering phones, sending quotes, making sure the studio bookings are all planned etc. “The real struggle when you are working from home and you are a wife and a mom is to still be able to do it all while managing the daily tasks.” she adds. “sometimes when I am in front of my computer and I start thinking of all the laundry that still needs to be done I need to be extremely disciplined and organized so I have time for it all” 
In all I have been enjoying this time closer to the Family and still be able to do my work and be there for our clients! I can’t wait to go back to the office though! – Joanne Flores, deputy production manager