BKP Audio | Location Sound Recording

By providing location sound recording and audio post production, we can now provide a logical link between the two.

By being involved in the sound production right from the very start right through to the final broadcast mix, we are able to have more control over the entire process ensuring our clients receive only the highest quality sound production solutions.

For more information and inquiries, contact us by phone +971 (0)4 4483600 or email polly@bkp.group.We would love to discuss with you how our location sound recording solutions could benefit you and your recording project.

Equipment list

Sound Devices 552
Five‐input field production mixer.
Sound Devices 744T
Portable time code‐enabled digital audio recorder, four‐channel analog and digital I/O,160 GB
Shoeps CMIT 5U
Shotgun Microphone
Rode NTG2
Shotgun Microphone
Shure SM57
2x Dynamic Microphones
Sanken 3x COS‐11DR‐RM
Personal Microphones
Lectrosonics 4x SMDB/E01,Block 606
Miniature Beltpack Transmitter
Lectrosonics 2x SRa/E01,Block 606
Dual Channel Receiver
(One receiver used as wireless camera link)
Rycote Windshield Kit 4
Complete Windshield and Suspension System
Sennheiser HHD 25‐II
Closed‐Back Stereo Headphones
Zoom H4n
Handheld HD Recorder
Aluminum Boom Pole Internally wired with coiled cable.