Using sound design in commercials | BKP Media Group | Dubai

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Using sound design in commercials | BKP Media Group | Dubai

Working on the sound can be a daunting task in the post production process of a film, especially if it doesn’t have a music score . We’ve broken down the layers into four categories to help you create the best audio for your commercial.


These effects are usually very recognizable and distinct. they can be sounds like the murmur of the crowd on the streets, wind etc. It is essential however to make sure these sounds have weight and add a certain emotion to the scene.

Spot Effects

These are effects that accompany a specific visual cue like a gun being fired for example and therefore must be synchronized exactly.


Usually tend to be human-based sound like when someone opens a door  or when someone steps on something, walks or runs. Even the gentle sound of clothes rustling need to be added. These sounds often need to be ‘performed’ in order to get the perfect result.

Sound Design

This is probably the most creative part of the process and involves creating and layering sound to produce effects that generally doesn’t exist in the real world. A giant ant walking across mud or the piston of a car engine in slow motion for example.

Sound Design at BKP Media Group

The art of sound design is much more than a case of slapping on a few sound effects to picture. Sound Design is the process of specifying, acquiring, manipulating or generating sound or sound effects in order to create a unique and captivating sound.

The importance of sound design in film goes unnoticed more often that not. film being mainly a visual channel, depends on audio to tell the story, so much so that all it takes is a simple click of the mute button on your remote to truly value its importance. Sound design, especially if done well along with the audio editing and scores can turn an average movie into an absolutely exceptional one just as one bad sound can completely take away from the entire movie. At the end of the day, the best sound design is where you don’t notice the sound in a scene at all.

As an example, when you’re watching a scene in a movie, what you see visually might not be what your mind expects to hear or sometimes a simple sound effect needs to sound far more dramatic and larger than life than it might in real life. this is what the art of true sound design is all about, and the principle we use to create unique sound design specifically for your needs.

BKP media group has won countless awards for sound design and is the leading regional exponent in this field. our sound studios are some of the best in the region, with a team of experts available to help create sound design that will captivate and engage your audience.