May 29, 2017

Why Radio Advertising Works | BKP Media Group

Radio advertising is an important tactical advertising medium, and creating good radio ads that stand out (therefore work) is all about production, voice casting and direction. The beauty of radio is that it is available everywhere and one doesn’t have to be in front of a tv, movie screen or any other medium to be able to consume the media.

Mobility – As mentioned above, radio can truly work anywhere and is completely mobile. It acts as the advertising companion that your customers can take anywhere they go

Intimacy – The emotion of a human voice accompanied by perfect music and complementary sound effects and design area the perfect ways to communicate your message with emotion to the consumer rather than just text or a picture

Frequency – Studies have shown that consumers need to be targeted with an advertising message at least three times before the message actually begins to penetrate. Where newspapers and TV are more reach media and frequency is quite expensive on these mediums, on radio it is much more affordable and is the reach and frequency medium you can afford.

Attention – Whenever your ad is played on the radio it has the full attention span of your listener more often than not. More importantly you’re cluttered around your competitors ads like in a newspaper or a magazine and are on the front page of the viewers focus

Cost Effective – In the past few years, radio advertising rates have gone up at a much lower rate than television (even though viewership of late has been falling) and newspaper or magazine ads (even with circulation dropping of late)

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