May 14, 2017

Make Your On Hold Messages More Meaningful | BKP Media Group

How To Make Your Own Hold Messages More Meaningful | BKP Media Group

During the course of your on hold marketing message menu system you will get the chance to cross sell other items and the opportunity to generate additional sales by delivering short and precise marketing messages during certain prompts and intervals.

When these are done right, they can be a very powerful tool in your on hold marketing mix but it is vital that they remain concise and relevant. More often than not they have to flow with the message and the prompt and have to be relevant to what the caller is enquiring about.

This is very similar to when your callers are waiting for an agent to pick up the phone from the other end. The music and messaging that is to be played is as vital to your on hold marketing as the interaction with the customer itself. The length of the messages and the music will obviously change depending on whether the customer has already spoke to an agent or is awaiting the chance to speak to one of them.

On Hold Messages at BKP Media Group

On hold messaging is a type of IVR system that provides companies with a platform to advertise and communicate key company messages to callers who are waiting on hold, this is not only an effective way to keep callers on the line, it also acts as a cost-effective marketing tool. BKP Media Group can create tailor made IVR solutions from script to final production, either on a commission or ongoing contact basis.

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