Does an IVR system benefit your company? | BKP Media Group

By December 29, 2017 information

Does an IVR system benefit your company? | BKP Media Group

Interactive Voice Response systems take audio telecommunication services to the next level by acting as the first point of contact for incoming calls and we provide all the necessary IVR solutions.

An IVR system can be used by companies with a high call volume to greet callers, identify account information, provide automated responses to frequently asked questions and direct callers to an appropriate individual in an efficient manner. BKP Media Group’s tailor-made solutions offer an easy-to-use interface that is scripted according to the specific needs of your clients. Simply let us know what telecommunication issue you would like solved, and we can create a system that fixes the situation. The sky is the limit when it comes to BKP Media Group and the solutions we can provide.

On Hold Messaging

On hold messaging is a type of IVR system that provides companies with a platform to advertise and communicate key company messages to callers who are waiting on hold, this is not only an effective way to keep callers on the line, it also acts as a cost-effective Marketing tool. BKP Media Group can create tailor-made solutions from script to final production, either on a commission or ongoing contract basis.

Audio production Dubai

BKP Media Group has 6 state-of-the-art sound recording studios in Dubai, which are staffed by a full-time team of international sound engineers and composers. There is also a department of 5 producers, with comprehensive support staff, for all your IVR solutions, messages on hold, original music composition and sound design, radio commercials plus many other audio services. We are a team of video and audio production professionals across Dubai that aim to deliver the highest in quality and production. Find out why our audio solutions are some of the best in the media production industry.

IVR Reel

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