July 4, 2017

Effective On Hold Messages | BKP Media Group

Along with our partner, Vox Arabia, who is also part of the BKP Media Group, we scour all available resources to find the best Arabic voice over or English voice over that gives you the platform to deliver effective on hold messages and to stay consistent with your brand values and messages.

We keep in mind that there are various aspects to be considered when choosing the right voices in order to make sure that it engages with your customers and matches your branding.

Whether it has to be male or female, young or experienced, light and hearty or serious and assuring, we help you make these decisions in order for your on hold messages to be as effective and engaging as possible.

We are also able to translate these qualities into different languages and have a database of over 150 different accents and nationalities to choose from. So when you change the language, you can keep the exact same consistency of your on hold messages.

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