September 5, 2017

The Don’ts of IVR’s | BKP Media Group | Dubai

The Don’ts of IVR’s | BKP Media Group | Dubai

Interactive Voice Responses or IVR is a great way to convey clear and informative messages to your callers while they are on hold. But there are few don’ts that you must keep in mind when recording one.

Don’t have a long IVR menu

Ideally the caller shouldn’t be waiting too long to hear all the available options. The options shouldn’t go on for more than a minute before the caller can make a decision

Don’t make your representative ask the caller for information they have already punched in

Avoid having your caller punch in a lot of information and details through the IVR only for a company representative to ask them the same questions again

Don’t have a lot of IVR options

Try including only the options that are absolutely necessary as chances are if there a lot of options the caller might forget the options they wanted to choose

Don’t keep the caller waiting without telling tell how long they might have to wait for

It would be ideal to inform the caller about how long they would potentially have to wait or what number they are in the queue while they are holding. Avoid leaving them guessing about their hold time

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