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The perfect recipe for creativity! Our relaxing recording studios in Dubai Media City combined with our passionate, friendly and expert team will bring your every project to life!  | BKP Media Group

Most of our recording studios can comfortably accommodate up to 8 clients, plus a sound engineer, in relaxed surroundings with refreshments, drinks, and food on demand. It is a great conducive space for the creative process of creating a perfect Audio Post Production Dubai.

We pride ourselves in our professional but friendly approach to Audio Post Production Dubai. All BKP Media group’s sound engineers are experts in their various fields and we guarantee a professional and friendly service during the recording and completion of your sound design services.

Audio Post Production Dubai at BKP Media Group

Audio Post Production Dubai is the term used in general to describe all the production stages that happen in between the recording that happens in the studio and the completion of the final recording. it involves various aspects including editing, audio mixing and the addition of SFX.

BKP Media Group has a total of 6 professional recording studios for all your audio production needs ensuring there is always availability for us to facilitate any kind of audio needs at a moments notice.

Whether recording ADR / dubbing, voice over recording, radio production, sound fx track laying, foley, sound design, original music composition, library music sourcing, ISDN, IVR or surround mixing, BKP Media Group has the facilities and expertise to undertake all of these.


Audio Post Production Dubai | BKP Media Group
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Audio Post Production Dubai | BKP Media Group
A great conducive space for the creative process of creating a perfect audio post production at BKP Media Group's recording studios
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