Living Cambodia “Bob’s Story”

By March 28, 2018 August 11th, 2018 careers, important news

Chairman Barry Kirsch, and Chris Atkins from BKP Group, recently travelled to Siem Reap in Cambodia.

They shot a documentary about a guy called Bob Landen, an incredible guy, who dedicates his life to helping the kids in the rural areas to learn English, and better their lives in the poor developing country.

Please find 37 mins out of your busy day to watch it in full. Share with as many people as possible, so we can encourage and inspire some volunteers to go help with Bobs program in Siem Reap.




Amazing Volunteer Adventures is a non-profit organization looking for volunteers to team teach with Cambodian teachers of English in the village schools around Siem Reap City/Angkor Wat. Preferably you would volunteer for a week or longer.

Despite the poverty that exists in many of the villages, previous volunteers have been struck by the happy optimism of the children they taught, and the sheer joy they had at meeting foreigners. So our program gives you the chance to get off the tourist trail, and enter the heart of rural Cambodia.

For those with no teaching experience we will give you a half-day’s training for some ideas to use in the classroom. Another of the important things you are doing is giving the Cambodian teachers a chance to improve their English skills. Volunteers who can demonstrate a specific skill in the classroom, such as nurses, musicians, artists, etc, are particularly valued by the schools.

Currently we only have accommodation for four teachers in one village. In the future we hope to build  rooms in other villages. Most volunteers need to stay in a guesthouse ( $4 – $15) in Siem Reap City that we recommend, as it makes it easier to pick people up to take them out to the countryside. Volunteers pay the transportation cost to the villages, but you only pay local prices.

Possibly one of the most eye-opening experiences about becoming part of a small, poor community, even if only for a short time, is the discovery of how friendly and sociable the village children are, a useful lesson in a world which is rapidly losing social skills.

Currently we are setting up our NGO, which costs around $1,500. For donors who don’t need the US tax free account number (501C3), any donations you send now will go towards the cost of processing our NGO application, and transporting volunteers to the villages.

For more information

+ 855 1753-0971

Calls from the USA are free using +415 800-3674

Check on Google for time zones differences so your call is received between 8 am and 10 pm Cambodian time.