February 3, 2015

Hollywood Remix | Q&A With Chris Atkins

Chris Atkins | Creative Director of Hollywood Remix/BKP Media Group

We have a little sit down with Chris Atkins, Creative Director of BKP Media Group and the brains behind Hollywood Remix to find out exactly how the whole competition came to life and what he thinks the judges are looking for from the contestants.

Why did you decide to create this contest ?

You see a lot of remix competitions online these days, but almost all are all about remixing songs. You to have to download the existing elements of a track and do your own thing with them. The first one I personally entered a few years ago won, and it was a great feeling!. The actual artist who set the contest at that time, Rebecca Loebe got great social media engagement from hosting such a contest and as a result her awareness grew rapidly. Thus Hollywood Remix was born, with the idea of BKP Media Group “The leaders in Audio Production in the region” getting the same sort of awareness as Rebecca and for us to continue building our existing brand.

We are also extremely thankful to Media Cast for giving us the ability to host such awesome prizes. Sally Saifi, Media Cast’s representative in the competition, has been extremely passionate about it, and been so helpful to us right from the get go and without her cooperation along with Media Cast none of this would have been able to happen.

Celeb judge, Paul Hackner?

I am constantly making connections/friends around the world with people who are in the music & film industry – this business is all about who you know, and its good to know as many people as you can! – I actually did a remix of a trailer he did for the movie “Enders Game” and sent it to him I wanted him to give me some feedback on how I could improve my craft, and for no other reason than just to build my body of work, and for my name to get out there more.

Paul is a very busy audio guy in LA – I think he was pretty impressed with my trailer and we became friends online. So, I asked a cheeky favour to use his celeb status to judge this competition. I am hoping that young people will be excited at the thought of him judging their work, more so than the opportunity to win the prize, which is obviously fantastic too 🙂

Who are Barry Kirsch & Matt Faddy?

Barry (CEO of BKP Media Group) and Matt (Studio Manager) have about 500 years of experience between them 😉 These guys have done it all in the audio world from working on top albums for international artists to winning awards for the movies they have worked on and their extensive work in advertising. I am lucky to say that I have learnt everything I know from them,  It is for those reasons that we think the runner up prizes of internships at our studios will be extremely attractive to the contestants.

What are you hoping to see form entries?

First of all, I will be excited just to see people taking the time out of their busy schedules to have a go at the contest. It is a pretty tricky film to do well – but for the ones who are able to it will be a great addition to their resume/reel to show prospective employers, because your reel/body of work (demos or real life) is way more important than any piece of paper.

I think we are all looking out for creativity, sound design/music to picture should compliment what your see at all times, help tell the story of whats going on through sound.

The scene is taken from “Tears of Steel” ?

Initially, I wanted to use a scene from Mission impossible 3 which involves a huge action scene on a bridge. The scene has no dialogue and is purely sound design and music which would have been quite a challenge. However, due to copyright issues we were unable to use that particular scene for our contest.

Tears of Steel” on the other hand, is an open project “free to use” movie. There are quite a few of these around, so we have lots of material to use for future contests.

We chose this particular scene because it is equally challenging and mood fluctuates all the time, giving a lot to sink your audio teeth into!

Deadline is 1st April?

Although 8 weeks to do such a piece seems like an extremely long time, stretching it out enables us to build awareness and ensure that as many people as possible have the chance to enter. We decided that we will preview all of the entries that come through in order for contestants to get a chance to listen to each other’s work, and ideally comment, like, and share. Throughout the competition, we will also share techniques, tips, introduce interviews with judges and have a few comical animated films promoting the contest :-).

Will there be more contests this year?

Definitely! We are hoping to do a lot more “Hollywood Remix” contests, possibly smaller fun weekly contests. One particular idea that we are looking into is where contestants are required to create sounds based on unlikely Hollywood scenarios (a popular scenario around the studio was to come up with the sound of Optimus Prime throwing Flipper through a drum kit) – It could be quite fun!

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