December 10, 2014

Plugin of the Week | UAD SPL Transient Designer | Audio Production

UAD SPL Transient Designer | Audio Production

Resident Jmusic composer and audio production extraordinaire  brings you the SPL Transient Designer as his plugin of the week.

Transient designers are great for being able to affect the sustain and attack phase of a sound and in SPL, they don’t come any better.

what is the SPL Transient Designer?

A simple straight to the point transient designer that works wonders when you have to adjust gain or reduce the sustain and attack on a sound that you wish to use it on.

why is it cool?

It has a vast array of uses per parameter for such a simple plugin including fixing poor quality sounds, reducing the ambience on recordings, giving more character and definition to instruments and is simply a must have when laying down a perfect mix.

what do you think makes it unique?

It is generally used for drums but it works perfectly with any other instrument and can achieve way more than your ordinary compressor for all your audio production needs.

Be sure to check out the Universal Audio website for an in-depth look at features, specs and reviews on the SPL Transient Designer

BKP Media Group

BKP Media Group has a total of 6 professional recording studios for all your audio post needs ensuring there is always availability for us to facilitate any kind of audio production at a moments notice.

Whether recording ADR / Dubbing, voice over recording, radio production, sound fx track laying, foley, sound design, original music composition, Library music sourcing, ISDN, IVR or surround mixing, BKP has the facilities and expertise to undertake all of these.

Most of our recording studios can comfortably accommodate up to 8 clients, plus a sound engineer, in relaxed surroundings with refreshments, drinks and food on demand. It is a great conducive space for the creative process of creating a perfect audio production.

We pride ourselves in our professional but friendly approach to audio production. All BKP Media Group’s sound engineers are experts in their various fields and we guarantee a professional and friendly service during the recording and completion of your sound design services.

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