Sunny with Occasional Rain | Locked Down Alone


Sunny with Occasional Rain | Locked Down Alone

By Barry Kirsch

It’s 7 am. The alarm goes off.
Too early to chat to my tired old walls so it’s back to sleep and back to the dream of  Tibet where somehow I was embroiled in a strange, surreal adventure.

9 am. Mmmmm –  need to get out of bed, cup of tea, breakfast and consider the day ahead. It’s way too hot for a walk but I need to exercise.  So today…. some weights some stretching and some Mozart – my new addiction.  Next. consider the menu for today. I enjoy cooking so perhaps I will try something challenging – duck perhaps. It’s only me but I refuse to have deliveries. I want to know what is going into my food.

Piano.?? Writer’s block at the moment. So pass on that. Read the papers. Corona virus. Thank you, had enough.

Workout. A couple of quick catch up calls. I find remote so strange. One minute there then gone. Lunch ? Pass. Wander around the flat. Bored, restless. Will chance a visit to the supermarket. Mask, gloves and …. Kicked out – too old. Back home and more restless. Try to study, am learning Thai. So difficult when you pass the preliminaries. Tap fingers. Tap tap. Ok will read. Can’t seem to concentrate on novels, has to be something factual. History, philosophy. Will I remember any of it ? Never mind. Tic toc tic toc .4 pm, hello walls. Ok menu sorted, start to cook, lay the table, open the next drink. Ahhhh. Dinner, talk to the candle. Wash up. News, more corona. Is that all that’s going on ? Fatalities ??? Recoveries ??? Clean teeth, t shirt, bed Netflix and back to Tibet with luck. Getting to know me. Goodnight.